Work-Life Integration Programme


A practical productivity improvement tool, that teaches employers and employees to manage the relational interface between work, family and life.

Married Couples Relationship Programme (MCR)


A Weekend of true love and rediscovery

Executive Teachers Programme in Integral Student Education


Successful Advisory Systems For Holistic Education

Work & Family Conference


The conference provides platform to share research findings on the advantages of a happy employee for increased productivity and increased profitability.

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Because only together we can


Institute For Work & Family Integration (IWFI)
Who We Are

The Institute For Work & Family Integration is a research, advocacy & training institute that provides solutions to contemporary issues in the work & family space.​

Our Goal

Our Goal is to enable success at work and family, for a better and more fulfilled life.

WHAT WE DO = Institute For Work & Family Integration (IWFI)
What We Do

We conduct research to deliver programmes that address a wide range of issues in today's rapidly changing social demographics.

About Us

We provide solutions through research and advocacy, to work and family conflicts created by sociodemographic shifts, with a view to creating better Families, better Business, better Society.
Work and family integration as a concept is to enable the effective balance between Career and Family for a more fulfilling life, productive workforce, enhanced profitability of corporate organisations, as well as better education and training for future leaders. Thereby positioning our society to play more competitively in the global community.

institute of work and family integration (IWFI)

Our Programmes

Work-Life Integration Programme

Our Work-Life Integration Programme is a practical productivity improvement and employee engagement tool, to manage the relational interface challenges between work, family and life..

Married Couples Relationship Programme

The Married Couples Relationship (MCR) is a weekend getaway programme with a mission focused initiative to help couples achieve a fulfilled and happy married life.

Integral Student Education

The Integral Student Education is a personalized student-centered education that equips teachers and parents with skills and practices to collaborate in the training and education of the child in excellence and good use of freedom for true leadership towards a sustainable society.

The Work and Family conference is the flagship advocacy activity of IWFI. This conference aims at a select group of decision makers including senior executives, human resource directors and line managers to discuss the benefits of Family Responsible Policies in organization. 

The institute has organized six editions with stellar speakers and exciting themes bordering on Humanistic Management, Employee Engagement, Experience and Journey as well as challenges to family responsible policies implementation in organization.  

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