There is a myth often repeated in today’s workplace that work life balance does not go hand in hand with productivity and business performance. However, we find this to be the exact opposite and as managers will tell you, no decision is neutral and every decision will either strengthen or weaken values and the human and social environment in which they are taken.

From recent studies from the Institute and the Lagos Business School, we found out that 73% of couples in the Ikoyi-Lekki axis are working. With new technology, we are wired 24/7 practically able to work anytime and anywhere.

This phenomenon has practically and radically changed the balance between work and family; the two complimentary spheres in our individual life.

Studies show that we are happier, less stressed and more productive at work when we are refreshed, recharged, and prepared by the family for work.

To further complicate issues, work family conflict while evident is

not fully understood in our African context. We therefore conduct research to understand these issues and develop interventions and advocate solutions.

Our interventions and advocacy enhance worker engagement, leadership and management. We don’t end there but intervene in improving child education to create future leaders, strengthen families and educate couples to have a fulfilled marriages.

Through these efforts we are working to achieve better families, better businesses and better society.

About Us

The Institute for Work and Family Integration (IWFI) is a Non-Governmental – not for profit Organization (NGO) registered as a company limited by guarantee with the aim of providing solutions through research and advocacy to work and family conflicts created by the sociodemographic shifts, with a view to creating a better Families, better Business, better Society.

Work and family integration as a concept is to enable the effective balance between Career and Family for a more fulfilling life, productive workforce, enhanced profitability of corporate organisations, and better education and training for future leaders, thereby positioning our society to play more competitively in the global community.